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The pool and spa experience should be one of relaxation and leisure. Safety is a big part of this. We at Aqua Clean Pool Service want you to be Safety Conscious, informed and aware of possible dangers and to take necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. We also have other tips to help make the most of your pool/spa experience. Please take some time to read this page carefully.

Tips for Hassle Free Experience

Communicate with your pool professional about any concerns or problems you experience with your pool or spa.

Keep the water levels up on your pool or spa...too low or too high of a water level can cause damage to equipment and could prevent the equipment from circulating the water properly for good filtration and sanitation.

Run your pool equipment at the recommended amounts of time based on the time of year and typical usage. If you aren't sure what this would be check with Stan and he will help you to set your timer accordingly.

Avoid having animals in your pool such as a dog or cat since this adds a huge load for your sanitizer to work on. One dog can equal as many 50 people swimming in your pool!

Safety is Everyone's Business

Never allow young children to be unsupervised around your pool or spa at any time. This applies to all pools or spas even with locked gates and fences or other pool safety barriers. It doesn't take a lot of water nor time for a tragic accident to occur.

Care also should be taken when swimmers go underwater to the bottoms of swimming pools to avoid getting hair, arms, legs or swim suits from getting caught in the bottom drain when the pump is running. Teach your children not to play with or go near the bottom drain. Learn how to quickly turn off the pump in case of an emergency (ie. someone caught on the bottom drain). There is more of a problem with this issue in Public Pools since their pumps are much larger and have greater suction. (For more info on the dangers of bottom drains in Public Pools go to ABCNews article 1, ABCNews article 2). Check with Stan for details.

Also be careful about diving into a swimming pool. Only with pools deep enough for diving at the deep end should any diving into the pool be done to avoid serious injury or death. Check with your pool builder or Stan for details.

For spas only, check sanitation levels frequently between your service technician's visits. Since the body of water is very small relative to the bather load, it is best to check before using your spa to make sure sanitation level is where it should be and if not to add sanitizer per your Spa's owner's manual. If you aren't sure how much to add check with Stan.
For spas only, do not stay in them too long. Excessive exposure to the typical temperature that spas usually run at can be harmful. The recommended time is approximately 15-20 minutes or less.

For spas only, remember to drain your spa water and refill with fresh water often, see the instructions outlined in your Spa's owner's manual. This will help to clear out residues from bathing suits and soap film which may have built up in the spa water. Be sure to add the sanitizer after you refill the spa and notify your service technician that you have changed out the water so that he will adjust the ph and alkalinity.

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