We service backyard pools and Commercial pools We clean/replace filters

Here are just some of the services we offer to our customers:
  • Full weekly cleaning service (see more details below)
  • Major clean up/start ups (see more details below)
  • Underwater repairs, no need to drain the pool! (see more details below)
  • Chemical only service
  • New equipment sales
  • Pool Accessories and toys (go to our Products page)
  • Equipment repairs and installations of pumps, motors, filters, heaters
  • Repair/clean pool covers
  • Filter cleaning, recharging, splits
  • Installation and repairs for automatic pool sweeps

Full weekly cleaning service includes:

Water chemistry balance check.

Addition of normal amounts of chlorine and muriatic acid as needed to maintain proper sanitation levels and ph balance.

Any specialty chemicals will be added to invoice at additional cost.

Check and clean of pump and skimmer baskets.

Skimming of pool/spa water surface.

Brushing or leaf vacuuming or hose vacuuming or a combination, of walls and floors of pool/spa, as required by amount and type of debris.

Maintain water level via automatic water fill timer (only if one is available).

Visual check of all equipment.

Example of a Major Clean up..BEFORE AFTER the clean up...crystal clear blue!

Major Clean up/Start up can include:

Algae killing with algaecides and other chemicals (if green from algae).

Removal of all debris (leaves, dirt, sand, etc.) by vacuuming and/or skimming with nets or shovel.

Adding chlorine, acid, and stabilizer to rebalance the pool's Ph, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to optimum levels.

Sometimes the water has to be partially or completely replaced with fresh water, especially if the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is too high. A high TDS isn't good since prevents the sanitizer from doing a good job.

Filter split/cleaning after the debris has been cleaned up. Filters should be done at least once per year and sometimes more often depending on the amount of debris that gets in the pool and is sucked into the filtration system.

Brushing or leaf vacuuming or hose vacuuming or a combination, of walls and floors of pool/spa, as required by amount and type of debris.

Brushing of pool walls, tiles, steps, etc. To remove debris and any algae if present.

For major clean ups the equipment will be checked for leaks and any needed repairs.

Underwater Repairs - conserves water and saves time, hassle, and money!

Under Water repair is made easy by using SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Aperratice). It is the means that people are able to spend an extended amount of time under water but requires specialized training to use properly and safely.

By using SCUBA Stan is able to repair underwater:
  • main drains
  • minor cracks in plasterer
  • plumbing problems
  • extract certain types of algae
  • some skimmer problems
Give him a call for an estimate.

As a PADI (Profession Association of Dive Instructors) Master SCUBA Instructor Stan is able to repair many problems you may encounter in your pool and in some cases without draining water from your pool. Stan has been a diver for 13 years and has been an SCUBA Instructor 12 of those years. During the last 13 years Stan has logged over 1,000 dives in the ocean and has countless hours in pools. He has certified over 400 people in many SCUBA certifications. Stan specializes in wreck diving, underwater photography, and deep diving.

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